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About Us

What is 3Blends? 564,708 people in the U.S. are homeless. According to a recent report, over half a million people were living on the streets. 3Blends is a Miami Based company ready to help and serve the community by donating a T-Shirt for every T-Shirt sold by our T-Shirt – Free Shirt Program. The #1 Item needed by these people in need is a shirt and we are ready to start our donations! Are you ready to join us?    Our Mission We Give Back with Our T-Shirts Free-Shirts ProgramThat’s why when you put on your new 3 Blends t-shirt we want you to know that someone in need is alsoputting on a brand new 3 Blends tee... all because of you! For every t-shirt sold, 3Blends will donate a t-shirt toCamilla’s House, a homeless shelter serving the Miami community.We want to help share the comfort, joy and warmth that our shirts bring to everyone and as our businesscontinues to grow, so will our donations. Our goal is to be able to donate t-shirts to shelters in other major citieswithin the next 5 years.The next time you buy a 3 Blends t-shirt, know that you are getting the softest, most amazing t-shirt possible –and also, that you’re helping someone in great need.3 Blends is committed to a one-tee-purchased, one-tee-donated policy!

by Pedro Garcia •